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Welcome to the sketch journal featuring the two artists, minako134 (Maria/Ayame), and alienfirst (Amanda). The only two people allowed to post entries are Ayame and Amanda, but comments are welcome from everybody.

All entries are friend's only, so you have to be a member to see the art. This is just a small precaution to keep any unwanted attention outside where it belongs (as well as to keep art theft at bay). And it's just cooler having art that only some people can see. I guess.

All drawings, CG, doodles will be behind an LJ cut to spare those with slow connections (and to avoid stretching anyones friends pages). While this journal is geared more toward daily sketches/doodles, we'll be uploading finished pieces when we feel like it.

Amanda // alienfirst...

Ayame // minako134...

Amanda's Sites of Interest--->
ryuuart.com (portfolio website)
Speak Legibly (experimental webcomic)

Ayame's Sites of Interest--->
Applause Room (webcomic, to be turned fiction)
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